I was one of two main designers on this magazine. Putting this together was a great challenge and I learned a lot about the nuance and intricacies that go into making a piece like this.
Working on this project was a highlight of mine because it marked the first time I got to work with illustrators to create the feature we wanted. I have chosen to focus on showing my feature because not only am I proud of it, it also helped to develop my relationship skills with clients and work in a unique timeframe with the illustration studio, MUTI, since they are based out of South Africa.
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Designers: Sterling Stovall, Rachel Barnes
Art Director: Gerardo Garcia-Jurado
Publisher: Eliza Sarasohn
Managing Editor: Julia Busiek
Media Production Manager: Elyse Leyenberger
Digital Production: Lindsay Mamula
Contributing Editor: Bill Poole

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